Scriptank is 

"The New Hollywood!" 

Disrupting the global film industry!


"Empowering the movie audience to choose the scripts they want made into movies instead of the Hollywood Bean-Counters!"

A  mobile social networking and streaming video platform established to facilitate the "movie audience" choosing the movie scripts instead of the Hollywood Bean-counters or Producers and then facilitating these chosen scripts through funding, production, and distribution (both streaming and theatrical). 

Hollywood’s archaic "bottleneck-of-procedures" produce and distribute less than one percent of the more than 50,000 movie scripts that are submitted every year. Scriptank.com allows this "pool" of scripts to be uploaded for the movie-audience members to read and choose from. Expand this to the global film market and the potential possibilities for movie-audience chosen Block-Buster film content from around the world is almost endless. 

Scriptank.com has created the only "ecosystem" platform where more quality movies get made and more Industry Professionals get work.


Scriptank has several patent-pending business processes that make it the most unique

global platform in the Cloud!

Scriptank.com has no limitations!

Upload any content that can be adapted into a script and that can be output for Streaming Video, Theatrical, Mixed or Virtual Reality,

or any new and experimental environment.

If "you" the consumer audience "likes" it enough, Scriptank will get it made for you!

Scriptank First Quarter of 2020!

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